What will you spend the majority of your life doing?

Government statistics state that you will spend 100,000 hours of your life working which is equivalent to 11.5 years of straight slog without sleep.

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Just imagine how disappointed you would be after spending all that time doing a mundane job because you did not consider dentistry as an option. It would be like shooting yourself in the foot and then trying to run a marathon – Long, painful and a great spectacle for everyone else apart from you.

So here are 5 reasons why dentistry will make an excellent, new career choice for you:

1) Changing Peoples Lives

Your smile is one of your most important personal assets and affects all aspects of your life such as relationships, confidence and even stress relief . Giving people a new smile can really change their life and as a dentist this is the most rewarding aspect of the job.

2) Incredible Variety

A little known fact about dentistry is there are 13 specialist areas. This means that if you want to there are incredible opportunities for for new learning and career progression even after dental school. Research also plays a huge part in the dental field and it is really exciting times with lasers replacing drills, stem cell technology replacing implants and computers replacing almost everything else.

3) Money, Money, Money

According to Government statistics as a dentist you can expect to earn around £80,000 which puts you in the top 5 best paid jobs. On top of this you will work 35 hours per week which is equivalent to just less than 5 working days because weekends are for relaxing. Yes Investment bankers do earn £100,000+ however they work 90 hour weeks which is £21 per hour or the same as a manager at McDonalds.

4) Employment Rate

Dentistry boasts an almost 100% employment rate which is the highest of any career. You are pretty much guaranteed a job which is hard to find especially in a recession.

5) Self Employment

Hate making your boss richer? 90% of dentists are self employed because that means you work for yourself and you can set the hours that you want to work. This gives you more freedom than being employed and ultimately a a happier lifestyle.

Bonus Reason: Budding entrepreneurs have a clear path into business by owning their own practice. Dental practices are one of the safest business opportunities out there.

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