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Hi there I am Dr Alexander Teckkam. I am founder of Dentistry Blogger and a private dentist at Teckkam Dental Care.

Dentistry Blogger was founded to educate people about dentistry, whether that be through product reviews or how to articles. There is a lot of misinformation about dentistry out there and I will be doing my part to set these myths straight. In a dental practice, I can greatly help the people in my dental chair however through my blog I can help educate thousands of people to make sure that they are doing everything they can at home to prevent dental diseases.

My policy on reviews:

All my views are my own. Any advice that I give should not be used instead of going to seek a clinician. To ensure that I do not go bankrupt from buying dental products to review, I will consider products, services, travel, event tickets and other samples from companies . These will not be returned after being reviewed. My review will be as unbiased as humanly possible. If you do have any questions regarding a quote, statistic or claim about a product or service, this should be verified  with the provider, manufacturer or organisation who produced the product or service.