Ever wondered who the name is behind some of the world’s top celebrities’ smiles? Today we chat to Dr Bill Dorfman who is a world renowned dentist to some of Hollywood’s finest celebs.

You may have heard the name before as Dr Dorfman has become a bit of a star himself, featuring on ABC’s hit TV show “Extreme Makeover” and the no1 guest co-host on the talk show “Doctors”. World renowned lecturer and Author of New York Times Bestseller “Billion Dollar Smile” Dr Dorfman is committed to his passion of bringing out the best possible smile in each and every one of us.

Tune in for details of Dr Dorfman’s journey into his non-profit ventures and his passion for giving back to the community.

Listen Below

Show Highlights

Listen to my conversation with Dr Dorfman and learn about:

  • What it’s really like to look after the smiles of the biggest Hollywood stars, seeing them as real people and not just as TV stars.
  • The journey of building a dentistry business from zero profit to profits of over $200 million a year.
  • What it took to make the New York Times Bestseller list.
  • Some of the best advice for young dentists starting out on their career path and dentists looking to open their own practice.
  • Advice from Dr Dorfman’s very own mentors.

Quotes and Takeaways

  • “It’s one thing when you’re doing cosmetic dentistry for somebody who’s concerned about their looks, it’s another thing when you’re doing cosmetic dentistry whose life is based on the way they look”.
  • “Don’t wait for opportunities in life, make them- but when you do get an opportunity, don’t just do it- master it”.
  • “It’s so much easier to copy genius than to invent mediocrity- find your mentor”.

Links and Resources

  • Leap Foundation¬†Dr Dorfman’s non-profit leadership program.
  • Check out Dr Dorfman’s new app “Forgotcha” which is great for organizing all your contacts.