Have you ever felt like your education and dental practice have gone stale and dry? Do you yearn for variety, challenge, and fun in your career?

Well, our guest for today’s podcast episode has a lot to say about these questions. In fact, his life’s work revolves around helping dentistry and dentists fall in love with their profession once again.

Dr. Dhru Shah is the periodontist  behind Dentinal Tubules, the world’s largest dental video library and dental learning portal with over 26,000 members.

His vision? “Education to the world.”

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Show Highlights

In this excitingly meaty conversation with Dr. Shah, we talked about:

  • How growing up in Africa inspired Dr. Shah’s vision to make education more accessible to people by using technology
  • The story behind the name “Dentinal Tubules” and how the online platform got started
  • Why conventional education can be morbid and what Dr. Shah is doing to change that
  • How Dr. Shah became a dentist then a periodontist
  • Why “looking after” patients, communicating, and educating them – not making money – should be the primary motivation of dentists
  • Shah’s surprising tip for time management
  • Why teamwork and delegation is important in dentistry
  • Shah’s “Loss Making Zone” strategy and how it will push you out of your limits and help you fall in love with your dentistry practice all over again
  • Shah’s personal habit of waking up before sunrise and how it contributes to his success
  • How having a mentor and surrounding yourself with like-minded people will move you towards your goals



  • “Just keep doing the right thing and everything else will follow.”
  • “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein
  • “Do it not to please other people. Do it for principles and values.”
  • “Just keep doing the right thing and everything else will follow”


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