Don’t wait for the tooth fairy by Ashley latter is a brilliant, short read on sales and marketing within your dental practice. It not only provides great tips for dental practice owners but also for dental associates who are looking at closing more sales. What I particularly like about Ashley’s style is that his technique is ethical and not “pushy”. As dentists it is really important that we do not break the trust instilled in us by the public. I think Ashley walks the tight rope between sales and consent brilliantly.


Even though the book is on the shorter side (still 172 pages in length), it is packed with wonderful stories that emphasise his points. Some great lessons that I learnt were:

  • The four different personality styles: Pragmatic, Extrovert, Passive and Technical and how to present to them to gain informed consent
  • How to test close to ensure that you and the patient are on the same page
  • How to talk about money with confidence. Is price really an issue.
  • Make sure to talk to patients in features and benefits. Stop talking technical and jargon unless the patient specifically asks.
  • Listen attentively to the patient. They deserve your full 100% attention.

If you do not learn something that pays for the £3.99 Amazon charge I will be extremely surprised.


Incredibly easy to read. It took me five days to read and I read particularly slow. The only part that did annoy me slightly was the multiple references to the course Ashley runs. I completely understand why it was there and fortunately it did not interfere with the read of the book. I am actually considering attending his course funnily enough.

Information and resources

Being a slightly shorter read than other books in its genre it really does manage to pack some quality marketing tips into its pages. The topics it covers are:

  • Sales
  • Making a good impression on the telephone
  • How to build rapport with patients
  • How to provide a solution
  • Overcoming objections
  • Talking money with confidence
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Analysing your patient’s personality style
  • Providing World Class Customer Care

Design and Structure

Simple enough design and easy to read structure. It does the job and is laid out in an orderly fashion. The flow from chapter to chapter makes sense. I particularly like his introductory chapter which tackles sales and the dental professions negativity towards it.

In summary should you read this book. Most certainly yes. If you are interesting in improving your sales then this book is for you.