Kevin Rose leads Rose & Co., a team of dentists and business owners whose main goal is to guide dental practice owners in creating successful and efficient businesses that improve dental health.

Kevin and his team aims to guide their clients away from the mistakes he has seen other regulated professions make so that they may serve patients well and build a thriving dental health business.

In Dentistry Blogger’s second podcast episode, I invited Kevin to the show to talk about his philosophy on how dentistry businesses should operate and how dentists should look at and practice their profession.

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Show Highlights

Tune in to this episode and learn as Kevin and I discuss:

  • Why communicating with your clients and your team should drive your dentistry business more than anything else
  • Why being disconnected from your values and not having a structure that allows you to deliver consistent results for your clients are two of the biggest and most common mistakes dentistry businesses commit
  • The “common ground” between you, your team, and your clients that will result to the success of your business
  • How to detach yourself from your financial interests and start a conversation with your patients
  • Why you should ask the right questions to your patients and then listen carefully to what they say
  • Kevin’s advice to new dentists
  • Why Kevin’s habit of continuously revisiting his purpose, values, and self-knowledge is the number one personal habit that contributes to his success
  • Why we should get rid of the dentist’s reception desk
  • Why doing something that your customers want in a consistent basis in a way that they like is very important for a successful dentistry business


“Listen to your patient for he will give you the diagnosis.”

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