Dr. Lorne Lavine also known as “The Digital Dentist” provides dental professionals with focused and expert IT assistance in addressing their specific technological needs from adding to upgrading their otherwise complicated systems.

His biggest asset, according to him, is that he is not just an “IT guy” that dental professionals call whenever they have an IT related problem but rather he is also a “colleague,” a dentist himself who understands technology in the perspective of a dentist.

In Dentistry Blogger episode 1, I invited Dr. Lavine to the show to talk about how he got started in his work and what he thinks dental professionals should consider when investing in necessary technologies for their businesses.

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Show Highlights

Tune in to this episode and learn as Dr. Lavine and I discuss:

  • How Dr. Lavine became known as “The Digital Dentist”
  • What services Dr. Lavine provide to his clients
  • Why Dr. Lavine believes that backing up and data encryption of protected dental information are the two most important technological solutions that dentists should spend their money on.
  • What “managed services” are and how they can help your business
  • What “ransomwares” are and what to do about them
  • Why investing on technology and forgetting about it is bad advice
  • The story of how Dr. Lavine became a dentist
  • Why new dentists should do the numbers and focus on getting a return on investment (ROI) early in their careers
  • Why Dr. Lavine believes a digital camera is an important technological investment when just starting out
  • How Dr. Lavine exercises for 30-40 minutes a day and why he believes this personal habit contributes a lot to his success
  • Why working with an IT professional you trust and who understands your specific needs as a dentist for guidance and technical work is very important


“Just go for it! The money will take care of itself. Follow your passion.” – Dr. Lavine’s mom

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