Try to keep up as we trek through Tony’s incredible journey through many different career paths before he finally found the cap that fits. Tony is happy with his title of “ROI marketing strategist, practice building and turnaround mentor” and owner and founder of podcast “Mpod Marketing- Pirates of Dentistry”.

Tony started out developing Leed’s first events’ magazine at age 17, DJ’ing and setting up a music factory which became the third most popular club at the time, touring on the Ministry of Sound tour and dealing with real life gangsters threatening his very life. He owned multiple night clubs, bars and restaurants with his wife Cally before selling out, realizing they couldn’t continue the party lifestyle with two newborn twins!

After moving to Spain with his wife and attempting an early retirement in his early 30’s, Tony realised there were only so many Piña coladas they could sip around their hotel pool before boredom truly kicked in. He then took his many lessons he learnt along the way from his early career and started mentoring entrepreneurs in many different industries. The field of dentistry truly stood out for him and he wanted to bring personality and sense back into such a highly regimented industry.

Listen Below

Show Highlights

Listen to my conversation with Tony and learn about:

  • 12 years of research on the emotions that drive clients to buy within the cosmetic/dental industry particularly when it comes to women who make up 80% of clients.
  • Which marketing platforms have proved most successful over time.
  • Most common faults found within dental practices and techniques to remedy those faults.
  • Why personal development courses are vital for the success of dentists within the industry.
  • Which mentors and personal developers Tony learnt from along the way.
  • Why you will most likely burn out if you’re in dentistry just for profits.

Quotes and Takeaways

  • “Work harder on yourself than you do on your dentistry”.
  • “Do the opposite of the majority, don’t follow the sheep and don’t let your ladder lean up against the wrong wall”.
  • “Find your own purpose and why you get out of bed every day”.
  • “Never give up”.

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