So you want to become a master of tooth brushing and conquer decay once and for all?

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“People have been brushing their teeth for 5,000 years.” Crazy statistic! So let’s make sure that you aren’t using a prehistoric toothbrush and add some real weaponry to the  decay bashing arsenal.

1) Spit don’t rinse

Make sure to only spit out the toothpaste after finishing and don’t wash the toothpaste out with a gargle of water. Rinsing after tooth brushing is like moisturising your dry skin and then having a really long shower afterwards. It rinses all the goodness away! This is backed up by a mountain of evidence from the department of health so ignore at your peril.

2) Twice a day

You would be surprised by how many people don’t. For optimum tooth and gum health brush first thing in the morning and last thing at night.If you have to miss one  (On pain of death) then miss the one in the morning because at night your teeth are more vulnerable due to lack of saliva. It takes 66 days to build a habit so start today.

3) Electric toothbrush

Investing in an Electric toothbrush can change your tooth and gum health dramatically as it does all the scrubbing for you and cleans your teeth better (Again the source is the department of health)! Make sure to go for a “rotating-oscillating” one which I will cover further in the next article. An example of these are any of the Oral B range.

4) 2 Minutes no less!

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I know that you think that you brush for 2 minutes but why not get a timer to double check. 2 minutes has been scientifically shown to be the least amount of time needed to provide optimum mouth health. If you find tooth brushing boring then how about bopping along to your favourite track to make brushing your teeth fun.

5) Be Systematic

Make sure that you cover all the surfaces of your teeth. Remember the hairdresser’s saying “Front, back and sides”. You wouldn’t miss out showering your face for five days so don’t do it with your teeth.

Bonus reason:

Make sure that your toothpaste has fluoride and triclosan in. More on how to read toothpaste labels.

So now that you are masters of tooth brushing what will you do with that power?

Onto you:

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Question of the day: So what will you do with that power?