The second edition of the award winning first book Managing a Dental Practice The Genghis Khan Way by Michael R Young. The sequel covers in detail how to buy an existing dental practice and manage it to success. It is an incredibly thorough book and literally hand holds you through the process of managing a dental practice in a step by step fashion.

Take aways

The book has many golden nuggets of information for any budding or existing dental practice owner. The part that I particularly like is the advice that Michael Young gives from personal experience. Michael is unlike many dental business consultants in the fact that he actually ran his own successful dental practice and is a dentist. This experience comes across in the stories he tells. Great tips that spring to mind are:

  • Consider advertising open positions in your dental team such as reception to your list of patients
  • Make sure to not over staff your dental practice, do you really need two full time dental nurses just in case one goes off sick.
  • Make sure to get dental management experience before buying a dental practice by attending management courses or volunteering for management roles at your current dental practice


Managing a Dental Practice The Genghis Khan Way second edition is very thorough, information heavy book . I would not describe it as a light read however it is well written and actionable. After reading through it once , I will be keeping it on hand whenever I come across challenges in managing the dental practice. I view it like a text book, it even has an index!

Information and resources

As alluded to earlier there is an incredible amount of information here condensed into 183 pages.  There are a multitude of topics including:

  • How to Buy an Existing Dental Practice
  • Incorporating a business
  • Setting up a squat practice
  • Developing your core values as a practice
  • Patient management
  • Human Resources
  • Business Planning
  • Polices and procedures
  • The Care Quality Commision

Design And Structure

Each chapter is neatly laid out and structured. The content is bullet pointed in parts which I personally like because I find it easier to take in the information. I also love the design of the front cover, Genghis Khan, a mirror and a probe. What more could you want?


A must read for all budding and existing dental practice owners. It is very thorough and you are guaranteed to learn some new ideas.